A Panettone Recipe – The Easiest Way

A Panettone Recipe - The Easiest Way

So, the autumn is sneaking up here which is nearly as I’m able to already have the odor of freshly baked panettone for that Holidays. I’m not sure in regards to you, but there’s no winter vacation in my house without baking this traditional dessert.

Everyone loves panettone, however the classic recipe could be a little bit intimidating for many people working moms and grandmas. I recall within my newbie of marriage spending a great area of the night baking panettone. Next, for any lengthy, lengthy period, I did not allow it to be any longer. It had been too demanding.

Not any longer! I’ve adjusted the recipe from the mother and granny to utilize a breadmaker machine, and it is now a real snap to really make it! If you don’t possess a breadmaker machine, however, you love panettone, consider investing this winter season inside a fundamental breadmaker machine. Additionally, you may make fresh, natural bread every single day, and lots of other treats, including pizza. A single drawback: be cautious together with your diet: each one of these tasty treats accumulate calories fast…

Here’s my panettone breadmaker recipe.

Ingredients: 1.1 pounds bread flour, 3 eggs, 5.3 (150g) ounces sugar, 4.4 (125g) ounces butter, 1 cup milk, 3 teaspoons dry yeast, 2 ounces raisins, 1 pinch of salt, grated lemon peel, rum extract (1 teaspoon), and vanilla flavoring (1 teaspoon).

These instructions are suitable for a normal breadmaker machine which has the choice to pick a bake with raisins cycle. Make certain that you simply verify the machine’s capacity, and adjust the quantities accordingly. The best way to verify would be to match the amount of flour within our recipe with the amount of flour usually suggested within the bread recipes that include the device. The machines usually accept multiple sizes, mine has got the Medium, Large and additional Large options. For instance, when the Large option matches about 1 pound of flour within their suggested bread recipe, then make use of this recipe using the Large option.


1. Add all of the ingredients, except the raisins and also the dry yeast in to the bread machine.
2. The dry yeast ought to be added in to the yeast dispenser.
3. Choose the “bake with raisins” option.
4. Start the device.
5. Once the machine beeps, add some raisins (or chopped walnuts or choc chips).

The device is going to do everything for you personally, such as the baking. Once the panettone is completed, remove in the breadmaker machine, and allow it to awesome. Sprinkle on the top with confectioners’ sugar, and revel in!